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How do I enroll? How soon can I begin my course work?

South Carolina Whitmore School offers open enrollment and students may begin anytime of year until the school is at capacity. From the How to Enroll page, complete and submit the Enrollment Registration Form. You will be emailed an Enrollment Packet which needs to be printed, completed and sent to the school within 5 days.


Once we receive your enrollment registration, you will be sent your student username

and password and will be ready to begin by taking the Student Orientation. 


Will there be a cost?
South Carolina Whitmore School is free to high school students in SC. All course materials are provided. You will need to have a computer and access to high speed internet. The school will have a limited number of computers available to lend to students in need.  

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Will you accept credits from other high schools?
Yes. Upon enrollment, we will need an official transcript from your former school. Credits you earned at your former high school will transfer to SC Whitmore School. After evaluating this transcript, your guidance counselor will send you a list of the courses you will need to complete in order to receive your SC Whitmore School diploma. 


How will you get my school records from my former school?
Once you have completed the Enrollment Registration, we will send you a complete Enrollment Packet that will include a Release of Records Form. We will request your student records from your former school.

Will my child have the same opportunities after graduating as students in traditional public schools? Yes. SC Whitmore School is a public school, so students earn a South Carolina High School Diploma just like students completing traditional schools.


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Is this curriculum accredited?

SC Whitmore School's online curriculum is provided by CompuHigh, an educational institution nationally accredited by AdvancED.


Will I need to buy textbooks?

No. We will provide all course materials. All of the resources necessary to complete a course can be obtained on the Internet or through a public library.

How will the courses work? Will everything be done online?

Yes, all the course work and communication with the teachers will be done online. Once enrolled SC Whitmore School, students and parents will receive a Username and Password via the email address(es)  provided on the Enrollment Registration Form. Your Username and Password will give you access to all courses. All students must complete the Student Orientation before beginning course work. Here is a brief overview of what to expect: 

   Once enrolled, students complete the New Student Orientation.  

  • New students will begin with 2-3 courses until they understand the online system.
  • Students begin each course by reading the Teacher's Message link.
  • Students will complete lessons and projects and submit them to the teacher.
  • The teacher will respond, either accepting the work as a mastered lesson, or asking for revisions.
  • Students will be given up to 3 chances to revise work until the lesson is mastered.
  • To stay on task students should submit 1- 2 lessons in each of their courses, 5 days a week.
  • When a student has completed the requirements for a course, (including End of Course Exams) a Credit Report Form will be submitted for a final grade.  

What if I don't understand the material and need help?
Simply write to the teacher and request help. Students are also encouraged to attend the teacher's Office Hours and to attend the Live Lessons where they can get immediate feedback and help. 


How will I know my child is doing the work?
SC Whitmore School has an electronic documentation system. Each student will have their own private "File Cabinet". Each time a student submits a lesson or question to the teacher, it is stored in their "File Cabinet" along with the teacher's responses. As a parent, you will be able to access this File Cabinet any time by using the the student's username and password.



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How will I get my diploma?

Students graduate from SC Whitmore School in June. However, if a student completes their graduation requirements prior to June, we can send a transcript and letter of completion to colleges. Diplomas will be sent by mail at the next graduation date.


Will there be someone I can talk to if I have a problem?

Yes. Students can write to their teacher or their guidance counselor using the forms in our school, or call the school to speak with an administrator.


Do you provide a curriculum for children with special needs?

SC Whitmore School has a team of special education teachers that will help tailor the curriculum to meet your child's IEP.


How does an extended academic year work? Does that mean I  have to go to school in the summer?

SC Whitmore School has a flexible academic calendar. Students can enroll any time of the year and begin coursework. According to state guidelines, students are expected to advance at least one academic year in a year's time (earning 6 credits per year). Students are not required to go to school in the summer unless they have not completed their assigned courses.


Students at SC Whitmore School have the flexibility to complete their coursework in a schedule that works best for them. Since there are no "semesters" - students will not get pushed ahead or held back by the pace of the class.


Attendance is taken through student login and assignment submissions. As long as you meet the state attendance requirements in a year's time, your personal school schedule is up to you. Your guidance counselor will work with you to set a schedule that meets the state requirements, and fits your life. 


  State Testing

What tests does the state require high school students to take?

  • End of Course (EOC) - Students enrolled in Algebra 1 Part 2, English 1, U.S. History, or Biology will participate in the End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP or just EOC).  Results of the test will count as 20% of the final course grade.
  • High School Assessment Program (HSAP) - The HSAP is the testing requirement for a SC high school diploma.  Students must earn a passing score on both the ELA and Mathematics portions of the exam.  Students first take HSAP during the spring of their second year of high school (typically tenth graders and those repeating the ninth grade).  If necessary, students will then have two chances per year and one final chance the summer after twelfth grade to earn passing scores.
  • English Language Development Assessment (ELDA) - Students with Limited English Proficiency:  The ELDA is used to differentiate instruction and ESOL services based on students’ needs.

 Are there any exceptions?

Yes.  For students who demonstrate a significant cognitive disability and meet certain other criteria, the IEP team may determine that the South Carolina Alternative Assessment (SC-Alt) should be administered instead of PASS or HSAP.

School Report Card

What is the school report card?

Just like students, our school and the SC Public Charter School district receive a Report Card. The school is measured by three components:  

1.      Testing participation

2.      Testing performance in ELA and Math

3.      Graduation rate


How is my school doing?

Parents can view the school and district report cards on the state’s website (  Click “Quick Data” and then “Report Card Portal”.  Information is available for all public schools in SC for the last several years.



Do I need to have a computer?

Yes. You will need to have a computer that meets the minimum specifications to access the curriculum. In some cases, SC Whitmore School may loan a computer to a family, based on financial need, with modest monthly payments made toward ownership of the computer. Computer loan determination will be made at the time of enrollment. 

Do I need internet?
Yes. You will need to have high speed internet to access the curriculum.