SC Whitmore School

Board of Directors


September 18, 2014

9:30 AM


 510 Lexington Ave

Chapin, SC  02936


Conference Call-in


Access code 781903#



Call to Order                                                                                               Terry Hitch


Approval of Minutes 6/7/14 Meeting                                                      William Robinson


FY-15 Budget Update and Review                                                                   Bill Moser


Finance Committee update                                                             Christopher McClure 


Testing & Graduation Rate Update                                                            John Loveday


Enrollment Update                                                                                         Ellen Ray


Staffing Update                                                                                              Ellen Ray

                                                                                                            Samuel Mokeba


Public Comments                                                                                         Terry Hitch


Other Business                                                                                             Terry Hitch


Adjournment                                                                                                 Terry Hitch