SC Whitmore School

Board of Directors


March 19, 2015

9:30 PM


 510 Lexington Ave

Chapin, SC  02936


Conference Call-in


Access code 781903#



Call to Order                                                                                                     Terry Hitch


Approval of Minutes 12/18/14 Meeting                                                   William Robinson


FY-15 Budget Update and Review                                                                    Bill Moser


Finance Committee update                                                               Christopher McClure


Scholarship Update                                                                                     Susan DuRant 


Enrollment and Retention Update                                                                      Ellen Ray


Executive Session                                                                                            Terry Hitch 


Staffing Update                                                                                                   Ellen Ray


Facilities Update                                                                                          John Loveday


Testing Update                                                                                             John Loveday


Public Comments                                                                                              Terry Hitch


Other Business                                                                                                  Terry Hitch


Adjournment                                                                                                      Terry Hitch