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Alina's Story


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   Alina's Story

Are you struggling in high school or considering dropping out?

AlinaAlina was failing high school with no hope of graduating. When she enrolled in Whitmore School, she could utilize her own learning style and work at her own pace without all the teen social drama that made high school so difficult. It made all the difference. She graduated early with honors!

Like so many teenagers, as a freshman she was struggling with her classes and was uncomfortable in her school's environment. She was getting no encouragement from her peer group who, like her, didn't place a high value on education.

"High School was very difficult for me," she said. "I made the wrong friends and didnít want to sit and listen in class."

When her first report card arrived, she realized she was failing many of her classes. "It was humiliating to go to class when I knew I couldn't pass," she recalled. "It was like a miracle when I enrolled in Whitmore School," Alina said. "The best part was there were no books or chapter tests and no high school drama. I felt an immediate change in my attitude toward school work. I started looking forward to getting assignments done, and it began to show in my grades. And, I was able to graduate early!"