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School Options - You Decide

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School Options - You Decide
If you are looking for high quality alternative educational opportunity, consider what SC Whitmore has to offer.

 Print this page and use the check list as you compare your options.

Compare and Decide


Whitmore School

Other Program

Curriculum fully accredited

First online high school

Very high student and parent satisfaction

Improved knowledge retention

Improved standardized test scores

Individual One-to-One Approach
Mastery-based learning

Individualized learning plan

One-to-one teacher feedback on every lesson

No semesters - work at own pace

Enroll and begin courses anytime

All course materials online or available at public library

No text books required

Accepted by Colleges and Universities across the country

Flexible schedule - school when and where you want it 

SC certified and highly qualified teachers

Committed to individualized one-to-one instruction

Caring, supportive, challenging teachers



If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please call us at 866-476-6416. An enrollment counselor will be happy to help you.